A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

UPDATE (May 6th, 2019): Patch v0.6.8.3 released! Lost In Retro & Diamondus have been largely optimized, improved cheat system w/ code execution on the fly, and minor bug fixes. Owners of v0.6.8.0 only need the patch; replace the game's executable. Changelog here.

It’s finally here. After several years, MKF has been resurrected. And it's only the beginning...

TV Tropes has an already excellent summary of the game. 

Discord Server Link, for keeping up-to-date, submitting feedback and reporting bugs.

Still don't know what this project is all about? Watch the video first, then check out the original v0.6 announcement.

And that's all for now, folks. Whether you've played this before or not, you're in for quite a treat. MKF is a very unique experience and a love letter to the platformers we used to enjoy.

Don't forget to join the Discord community if you wanna catch up on any updates!

Above all, have fun!

Install instructions

Please, read the README file first. A full changelog is available.

Interested in playing on Linux? It's confirmed to be fully playable in Wine. Quick instructions here.

Unexpected Error is fixed from v0.6.5 onwards; if you wish to play on an older version, please apply the Large Address Aware patch to the older game version's executable.

D-TurboKiller's Google Drive. Backups containing old sources with lost content are available.

Dooki51's Google Drive, containing Optional Skins.


(PATCH ONLY) MKF v0.6.8.0 to v0.6.8.3 71 MB
MKF v0.6.8.3 - All-In-One 593 MB
MKF v0.6.8.3 - .gmk Source 67 MB